Artillery is an arts development organisation based in Walthamstow, North East London, established by the creative team behind the E17 Art Trail.

E17 Art Trail 

The next E17 Art Trail is taking place 03 -18 June 2017.
Submissions for artists and participants will open in January 2017.

E17 Art Trail Idea Sparks Talks
In preparation for the next E17 Art Trail we are holding six lively monthly talks exploring our theme: STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics). Each talk will feature artists and experts in science, maths, geology, and other STEM disciplines. talks may include presentations, lively panel discussions, debates, demonstrations, workshops and drinks. They are intended to inspire art trail participants to think about, generate and develop ideas based on STEAM topics in time to register exhibitions and events. The Idea Sparks Talks are free to attend, we ask that you do book in advance as spaces may be limited.

Artillery's flagship project, the E17 Art Trail is a regular artist led festival.
2015's offering included a staggering 4000 artists, 250 events and 160 venues over 16 days. The hiatus next year will enable us to digest this year's event and begin funding and planning to make the 2017 Art Trail the biggest and best event yet.

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Volunteer opportunties

We have a range of opportunities  to assist with our projects and to support our organisational development. These include volunteering with artists, volunteering with artillery production teams, welcoming audiences at events,  assisting with our publicity campaigns, undertaking sector research and our office task list. And we will have more opportunities throughout the year. Are you interested in making our creative events happen in our neighbourhoods?
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Beans on Balconies
Making Space to Grow

Beans on Balconies is a neighbourhood network for local people living in and around Wood Street, E17, who enjoy making things, growing plants, cooking, sharing neighbourhood feasts and meeting people.  We’re funded until July 2017 to support neighbours, especially people living in flats, to enjoy growing and sharing food and making ideas happen.  We're looking forward to collaborating with residents and Blackhorse Workshop and growing mentors to co-design and assemble planters that really fit our balconies and the way we live in our flats. With money raised by Health Lives through the Health Lottery we have funding for seed and compost giveaways, designing and making sessions, neighbourhood feasts, frivolous challenges and practical growing advice.

Check our map to see if you, your friends, family or colleagues live in a Beans on Balconies neighbourhood. 

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Photo Gallery

Contributions are from our volunteer festival photographers.


Dates for diaries

E17 Art Trail: 3-18 June 2017

Cultivate Festival: 3-11 September 2016


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