Artillery is an arts development organisation based in Walthamstow, North East London, established by the creative team behind the E17 Art Trail.

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Grandad's Island: from Page to Pavement

4-13 October 2019 

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This year Waltham Forest is London's inaugural Borough of Culture. Read on to find out more about our major contribution to this programme.
Grandadís Island: from Page to Pavement invites neighbourhood communities in Waltham Forest to respond to the themes and ideas in Benji Daviesí vivid and compassionate picture book: Grandadís Island. Taking the community and artist-led approach of the E17 Art Trail, "Grandad's Island: from Page to Pavement" is an invitation for everyone to get creative, drawing on the many themes of the book. The book is already translated into 35 languages reflecting the diversity of our borough - it speaks of so many things that affect families, communities and individuals including migration, sharing memories and stories, linking generations, love and loss, ecology and travel.

Read about our launch of Grandad's Island: from Page to Pavement
Walthamstow Garden Party


Some Recent Projects:

E17 Art Trail 2019: Wonder {of Art & Science}105b7de1-d6ca-4dcc-a88e-713c4053f025.jpg
1 - 16 June

An enormous thank you to all the artists, participants, festival partners and audience who made the E17 Art Trail 2019 so wonderful. An incredible 8,500 people created artworks and performances in the festival. Yet again the borough's residents proved that this really is a local phenomenon.
205 venues, from studios to schools, walls to windows, cafes to community centres, faith spaces to front rooms provided the spaces for audiences to marvel at the creativity on display, to get involved and to start conversations. Many of our creative community have been participating in the E17 Art Trail since we began. It has been the catalyst for emerging artists to develop a professional practice and it has been a privilege to have been part of them following their passion. We also take pride in how the opportunity to share work, get involved in activities and start conversations has ignited creativity or simply thrilled us to the joy that art can bring to the everyday.

As an established weaver with international and national exhibitions, collections and published pieces, the E17 Art Trail helped me visualise what I can do locally and be part of a community of creative thinkers again.     Rezia Wahid MBE


Bird Box Avenue for Chobham Manor

Exhibition: 26th August - 10th September 2017


Discover a 100+ new homes and small businesses nestling in the streets of Chobham Manor. This summer artists and residents built, renovated and re-imagined bird boxes at three open-air workshops to create a flamboyant collection of properties now displayed in the streets of Chobham Manor, Stratford East Village.

Our exhibition catalogue is available for reference at the following places: 
Unity Kitchen Cafe, Timber Lodge, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, 1A Honor Lea Avenue, E20 1DY;
Chobham Manor Marketing Suite, 10 Olympic Park Avenue, Stratford East Village, E20 1FT; 
Pavť Velo, 2-4 Victory Parade, Stratford East Village, E20 1FS
and can be viewed here or downloaded as a pdf:


E17 Art Trail 

The E17 Art Trail 2017 took place 03 -18 June.  The local contribution to the programme was nothing short of epic. 7000 local people were creatively involved in preparing work for 230+ exhibitions and performances!! It was going to be an extraordinary 16 days in Walthamstow.

E17 Art Trail Idea Sparks Talks
In preparation for the next E17 Art Trail we 've held six lively monthly talks exploring our theme: STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics). And we're hoping to do more after the E17 Art Trail to continue discussing practice, collaboration and what we've discovered while respnding to the STEAM theme.

Each talk featured artists and experts in science, maths, geology, and other STEM disciplines. They were intended to inspire art trail participants to think about, generate and develop ideas based on STEAM topics in time to register exhibitions and events. The Idea Sparks Talks were free to attend, and attracted audeiences of between 60 and 120 people.

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Volunteer opportunties

We have a range of opportunities  to assist with our projects and to support our organisational development. These include volunteering with artists, volunteering with artillery production teams, welcoming audiences at events,  assisting with our publicity campaigns, undertaking sector research and our office task list. And we will have more opportunities throughout the year. Are you interested in making our creative events happen in our neighbourhoods?
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Beans on Balconies
Making Space to Grow

Beans on Balconies is a neighbourhood network for local people living in and around Wood Street, E17, who enjoy making things, growing plants, cooking, sharing neighbourhood feasts and meeting people.  Funded until July 2017 we supported neighbours, especially people living in flats, to enjoy growing and sharing food and making ideas happen.  We enjoyed collaborating with residents, growing mentors, Kids Kitchen and resident designer-makers, creatives and artists to devise a programme for every generation to devise solutions and create opportunities to enjoy more access to fresh grown produce despite the limited access to growing space in our densely populated urban neighbourhood.  With money raised by Health Lives through the Health Lottery we were funded for seed and compost giveaways, designing and making sessions, neighbourhood feasts, frivolous challenges and practical growing advice.

Check our map to see if you, your friends, family or colleagues live in a Beans on Balconies neighbourhood. 

If you'd like to find out more contact


Photo Gallery

Contributions are from our volunteer festival photographers.


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