quot alright ill bring 2lb ofquot alright ill bring 2lb of

ill take two with a side ofill take two with a side of

ill take bothill take both

maybe ill bring it some moremaybe ill bring it some more

ill bring my parents here oneill bring my parents here one

next time  ill bring morenext time ill bring more

and ill bring thatand ill bring that

alright  ill help firstalright ill help first

ill bring my xbox in case weill bring my xbox in case we

alright  its food descriptionalright its food description

alright  ill admit italright ill admit it

i will take chorizo any timei will take chorizo any time

building   i will takebuilding i will take

to my surprise she said  how about huevos rancherosto my surprise she said how about huevos rancheros

all right  isall right is

alright  not weve gotalright not weve got

i will have bought lunchi will have bought lunch

juegos del hambrejuegos del hambre

ill take sixths  pleaseill take sixths please

and i will take a vacationand i will take a vacation

i dont know  but ii dont know but i



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