oh  you know who he remindedoh you know who he reminded

oh and hes called augustusoh and hes called augustus

oh  the creativity of theoh the creativity of the

augustus  ohaugustus oh

now augustus had stoppednow augustus had stopped

oh  ill still watch theoh ill still watch the

ill be away at a conferenceill be away at a conference

ill probably go out and shootill probably go out and shoot

quot charles augustus milverton quotquot charles augustus milverton quot

augustus  ill never bring himaugustus ill never bring him

augustus by  ill wovenelm on deviantartaugustus by ill wovenelm on deviantart

oh  btw  can i make myoh btw can i make my

ill be in your armsill be in your arms

augustus j  c  hareaugustus j c hare

next time i see him illnext time i see him ill

oh  cool  ill gooh cool ill go

augustus took me to the parkaugustus took me to the park

the images in augustus and histhe images in augustus and his

ill be a one kneepadill be a one kneepad

today ill add six additionaltoday ill add six additional

first off  ill admit i knowfirst off ill admit i know



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