in the times of anger  ill bein the times of anger ill be

he is happy to have a friendhe is happy to have a friend

because of anger and allbecause of anger and all

my friend did this sometimesmy friend did this sometimes

any ill feeling or angerany ill feeling or anger

bitter anger and ill willbitter anger and ill will

down            anger   crydown anger cry

special friend is illspecial friend is ill

let none through anger or illlet none through anger or ill

anger    quot who got me sickanger quot who got me sick

ill feelings and angerill feelings and anger

their anguish and angertheir anguish and anger

compare  beyond casseroles 505compare beyond casseroles 505

shes terribly ill withshes terribly ill with

to a grieving friendto a grieving friend

stay at an old friendsstay at an old friends

or a dear friend and canor a dear friend and can

dont wait until a frienddont wait until a friend

addict or mentally illaddict or mentally ill

and immediately falls illand immediately falls ill

ill friend   pack 50ill friend pack 50



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