why is the dada movementwhy is the dada movement

in the dada movement andin the dada movement and

dadaism emerged during thedadaism emerged during the

with the dadaist group inwith the dadaist group in

moss 1920 max ernst frenchmoss 1920 max ernst french

one art historian tackles thisone art historian tackles this

cover of expanded cinema  artcover of expanded cinema art

founder   the new americanfounder the new american

many dada works were overtlymany dada works were overtly

he then joined with artistshe then joined with artists

which brings us to rodchenkowhich brings us to rodchenko

dada art  naumann  francis mdada art naumann francis m

philadelphia museum of artphiladelphia museum of art

in the 1920s  artists such asin the 1920s artists such as

in americain america

dada was an art movement withdada was an art movement with

first international dada fairfirst international dada fair

dada developed in distinctdada developed in distinct

the art world in the 1920sthe art world in the 1920s

quot dada questioned and affectedquot dada questioned and affected



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