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Posted: June 5th, Deadline March 26th 2012

Peer Critique and Mentoring Sessions

Delivered by Artillery as a part of the E17 Art Trail programme for artists

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our peer led mentoring programme in conjunction with the E17 Art Trail. This is an area of professional development for artists which enables you to gain critical feedback about your work and practice in a supportive environment.

Open to any artists, designers or makers who wish to take part; this is a series of six initial sessions of peer led discussion. The first session, this Tuesday 14th June, will be an introduction to peer mentoring, establishing how the group will work and setting out a plan for the following meetings. The group then will meet regularly to discuss an aspect of their artistic practice, receive detailed feedback and listen to other artistís experiences.

One or two members of the group will present an aspect of their work or artistic practice at each of the following meetings. Presentations can take any form that suits your work or current stage of the making process. Whether an idea is in your head, sketchbook, portfolio or even work showing already in a gallery; spending time to reflect and ask questions of a peer mentoring group can really help you to progress and develop your artistic practice.

When presenting your own work we will suggest you propose an angle or specific question for the group to consider, whether technical, practical or philosophical. You should commit to the whole series if possible as much of what you learn about your own practice can be when critiquing other group memberís work throughout this process.

The groups will be facilitated by Laura Kerry, who has established and been a member of a number of similar peer groups. However, the structure of sessions will be agreed with the group and very much led by the participants.

Initially we are holding 6 peer led mentoring sessions for a group of 6-8 people which, because of itís small size, can offer really involved support. This first series is being set up with a view to establishing it as an ongoing group. If there is a high demand we may set up a number of different groups with specialist areas of interest or similar experience so we can keep groups small and focused.

The meetings are held in the run up to the E17 Art Trail but are not exclusively for participants of this years trail. All artists welcome, please get in touch to discuss further.

Meetings held at Walthamstow Central Library on Tuesday evenings:
14th June, 5th & 12th July, 9th& 16th August, 6-8pm
(With one additional day to be arranged with the group)
Course fee £30 (Introductory offer)

To book a place please email Laura Kerry
Or call and leave a message on 020 8531 1300


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