Bird Box Avenue

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Posted: August 1st 2012

A Hundred Artists Open Houses in Minature

1-16 September

Discover miniature neighbourhoods in our urban landscape. Standard housing stock has been renovated, refurbished and re-imagined by artists and residents. 100+ new homes, small businesses and bespoke properties for flighty owners.

Bird Box Avenue was first developed by Artillery for a project commissioned by Enfield Council. This migratory collection has now set up home in Coppermill Lane. The collection includes contributions from E17 Art Trail artists, some of these properties are definitely home to roost.

A full directory detailing makers and bird box locations can be viewed at The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane venue no.29, and on our website shortly.

New developments are on the drawing board, blueprints will be announced on our website.


handmade by Fluster Design.