Communication support for deaf and hard of hearing people at Words Over Waltham Forest festival

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October 22nd to November 17th 2013

We are happy to announce the involvement of volunteer communication supporters for deaf and hard of hearing people in the Words over Waltham Forest Festival.  We plan to match British Sign Language interpreters and Lip Speakers at a number of appropriate events where it would be useful to audience members.  For some events this may mean informal chat to enhance the experience, for others such as author events, it will mean more formalized interpreting.  Most volunteers will be experienced professionals donating an hour or 2 of their time for the festival and we are very grateful for that.

If you would like to attend any of these events and are deaf or hard of hearing please email Tim directly to find out about bookings so that we can ensure we match the communication support to you.  Events will appeal to a range of ages, so please share this with old and young friends and colleagues who may be interested.  Events with communication support: (Most likely to be a BSL interpreter)

This is all thanks to the exceptionally hard work of a local volunteer, Tim Reedy who has used his experience and contacts to bring an added communication perspective to the festival. He has pinpointed events that would suit BSL interpreting and worked hard to find trained interpreters to support and widen communication.

Contact: Tim Reedy via email


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