Trail Blazing - Orientation for Art Trails

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July 26th 2009

An artist’s forum to explore the possibilities of art trails and artist networks.
Hosted by Artillery, the creative team behind the E17 Art Trail.

A day of presentations and discussions with members of the E17 Art Trail, guest artists, and speakers from Artists Open Houses - Brighton and Hove, and the founder of the Empty Shops Network.

The E17 Art Trail launched in 2004 as a one day event. The annual event now covers nine days with over 150 exhibitions and events already listed for September 2009.  The art trail exhibitions feature professional artists, cultural industries, community projects and local residents work.  We are looking forward to future opportunities and working out how to make the most of these while ensuring the project's sustainability for its growing network of participants.  At this forum we hope to exchange our experiences with other organisations to build links.

Please reserve your place in advance, as spaces are limited.
Email: or phone to book.
Day Pass £5
A small number of concessionary free passes are available for the discussion from 4pm onwards. (Subject to availability)

Trail Blazing – The Programme

Tea/Coffee and sign in ready for a prompt start

Launch Artist Toolkit – A working document with advice for art trail participants.

E17 Art Trail – the background
Morag McGuire – re-arranging the deck chairs
Artists Commissions Project – Awardees: Image 17, Della Rees and Valerie Grove

A presentation from the E17 Art Trail team giving a background to this annual event and news on current projects from its members.  Current projects include a new artist commissioning project made possible by a grant for the arts from Arts Council England and ‘re-arranging the deck chairs’ a collaboration between Artillery and Waltham Forest Youth Services. 

Lunch and networking

Alison Marchant – Small Worlds

A presentation about ‘Small Worlds reGeneration’, a community project where residents from 150 homes in Stratford Village transformed the front gardens of their terraced properties (the tiny otherwise non-space between their house and the street) into experimental planted gardens.

Setting up a Peer Mentoring Group

A discussion on peer critiques; how artists can benefit from peer review and regularly meeting with each other and advice on how to set up this kind of group.  This will be followed by short workshops in smaller groups if you wish to trial peer critiquing.  Sign up for workshops on the day.

Art trails, Open Houses, Empty shops as arts venues. Followed by Q&A session.

A series of presentations discussing art trails and artist open houses programmes from around the country; approaches to curating these events; and using empty shops as arts venues. 
The panel will then answer questions from the floor and organisers will summarise outcomes from the day’s discussions.

We would also welcome your contributions and points for discussion in advance.
Guest Speakers:
Judy Stevens and Terri Bell-Halliwell, Artists Open Houses, Brighton
Dan Thompson, Empty Shops Network
Frances Bowman, Leytonstone Arts Trail


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