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Image of freshly picked vegetables

Beans on Balconies

Beans on Balconies

Beans on Balconies is a friendly network of people living and working around Wood Street, Walthamstow. We enjoy growing plants, eating, cooking, making things and meeting people.

We were originally supported by the Active Communities fund from the People’s Health Trust. We continue to find ways to meet to share tips, ideas, space saving solutions, seeds, skills, plan neighbourhood events and build friendships.

To date we’ve had Growers’ Socials, Make.. Grow.. Cook.. sessions for families with young children, Growers’ Workshops, Winter Feasts, Summer Picnics, Make & Grow workshops, Herbal Remedy neighbourhood walks, and floristry workshops.

Beans on Balconies is a friendly network of residents who enjoy growing plants, eating, cooking, making things or meeting people. We’ve secured funding from the Health Lottery to support households in neighbourhoods around Wood Street and Shernhall Street to enjoy growing and sharing food, especially households living in flats with limited space to grow such as balconies and windowsills.

All residents of Beans on Balconies streets are welcome to attend free, other people are welcome to attend and will be encouraged to donate £10 to contribute towards costs.

The Beans on Balconies funded area includes these streets:

  • Albion Rd
  • Alfred Villas Barrett Road
  • Avon Rd
  • Barrett Rd
  • Brandon Rd
  • Brookfield Ave
  • Browning Close
  • Butterfields
  • Corbett Rd
  • Cuthbert Rd
  • Eastern Rd
  • Elm Rd
  • Firman Court
  • Forester’s Drive
  • Forest Rd (Shernhall St to Wood St)
  • Fyfield Rd
  • Greenacre Gardens
  • Hainault Ct
  • Havant Rd
  • Lambkin Mews
  • Lea Bridge Rd (Shernhall St to Forester’s Drive)
  • Linford Rd
  • Lucerne Grove
  • Marlowe Rd
  • Parkstone Rd
  • Raglan Rd
  • Shernhall St
  • St George’s Ct
  • Stocksfield Rd
  • Turner Rd
  • Upper Walthamstow Rd
  • Vallentin Rd
  • Waverley Rd
  • Western Rd
  • Woodlands Rd
  • Wyatt Lane
  • Wood St
  • Woodside Park Ave

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