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Bird Box Avenue for Chobham Manor

Bird Box Avenue for Chobham Manor

Exhibition: 26 August – 17 September 2017

Discover a 100+ new homes and small businesses nestling in the streets of Chobham Manor. This summer artists and residents built, renovated and re-imagined bird boxes at three open-air workshops to create a flamboyant collection of properties now displayed in the streets of Chobham Manor, Stratford East Village.


Our exhibition catalogue is available for reference at the following places:

  • Unity Kitchen Cafe, Timber Lodge, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park,
    1A Honor Lea Avenue, E20 1DY
  • Chobham Manor Marketing Suite,
    10 Olympic Park Avenue, Stratford East Village, E20 1FT;
  • Pavé Velo, 2-4 Victory Parade, Stratford East Village,
    E20 1FS.

View the PDF with more information about the project.

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