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E17 Art Trail

E17 Art Trail logo

E17 Art Trail

In 2019 we celebrate 15 years of the E17 Art Trail. It has been quite an adventure for both organisers and artists who over this time have witnessed a dramatic change in the local arts scene. Walthamstow now enjoys an amazing range of creative spaces and resources on its doorstep from workshops to studios and exciting new projects are in development including much needed performance spaces.


The E17 Art Trail is an arts festival in Walthamstow which invites all to participate, instigated and organised by Artillery since 2004.

Each year of the E17 Art Trail we are overwhelmed by the creativity and energy of the artists, makers, and residents who live here. It was fitting that the 15 year anniversary of the E17 Art Trail coincided with Waltham Forest being London’s first Borough of Culture.

Ours is a proud, diverse and welcoming community. Year on year the E17 Art Trail grows and embraces its residents and visitors. The festival belongs to the people here who create, exhibit and sell their work and who invite you to roam around the E17 Art Trail to explore how they have risen to the challenge of each years theme.

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